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British Shorthair Cats

While most people think of them as being blue cats, they come in a number of colors and patterns.  At Cats of the Ozarks, our British Shorthairs have a color palette ranging from solid white to soft tan to even a blue/black marbling.  Their eye colors include blue, green and large orange eyes, giving our kitties a "Cheshire Cat" look.

British Shorthairs are relatively calm cats, with an easy-going personality, talking infrequently.  They are affectionate and get along well with humans and other pets.  They love human contact and start purring the minute we walk into the room.  Everyone who sees them falls in love with these sweet cats!

Tracing their ancestry back to the domestic cats of ancient Rome, British Shorthairs are probably the oldest English breed of cat.  Originally prized for their physical strength and hunting ability, today the most they usually hunt for is their food bowl.  They were recognized as a breed in May, 1980.  Now, these beautiful, much loved, cats can be found all over the world.  These teddy bear cats have dense, soft fur and large eyes.  They tend to be a medium to large cat with the males averaging 9 - 17 pounds and the females averaging 7 - 12 pounds.

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