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Lynn is retired military and has a lot of free time to play with and take care of the kitties. They are raised underfoot and acclimated to family living prior to being sent to a new loving home. She is an animal lover and has been her entire life. “I love cats,” says Lynn,  “and I feel fortunate to be able to raise cats the way they should be raised.”

Who We Are

Dr. Beverly Chavallier

Lynn Blevins

Dr. Beverly Chevallier and Lynn Blevins are sisters that have raised and loved cats their entire lives. Living in the rural Ozarks, Dr. Beverly and Lynn continue to enjoy the good life of fresh air, clean water and good country living.

Dr. Beverly enjoys the Ozarks with her mixed animal practice of cattle, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats and all the other animals you would expect a veterinarian to have around the house. Cats are an important part of her life, and she thoroughly enjoys these British Shorthair Cats. “They are wonderful, exciting animals with really different personalities, more remarkable than the usual cat.”

Beverly K. Chevallier, DVM, a practicing mixed animal veterinarian since 1984, in partnership with her sister, Lynn Blevins, who lives right down the holler.

The Breeders

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